Broach Tool - Non-Impact, PS10035 Port Serrations, for Material up to 40 HRC

NOTES: Unless Otherwise Specified
  • Usage of tool is described in TSB52273. This tool will broach serrations into most materials with hardness up to 40 HRC.
  • Two extra cutters are provided with each tool.
  • Replacement cutters may be purchased individually
  • Replacement studs may be purchased individually
  • Use of this tool will provide an allowable maximum runout of .009 between serration major diameter and controlled minor diameter (REF: PS10035) after broaching.
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Item #

Cutter Number

Stud Nut Part Number

Thrust Bearing
Part Number

A Thread





To Produce
Serrations for
Port Number

RFOPB5002HDB N/A RFOPB5002HDB5 N/A RFOPB5002HDB4 N/A AXK0619TN N/A 0.2160-28 UNJF N/A 0.500 Inch N/A 0.125 Inch N/A 1.040 Inch N/A 3.100 Inch N/A PS10035-02
RFOPB5003HDB N/A RFOPB5003HDB5 N/A RFOPB5003HDB4 N/A AXK0821TN N/A 0.2500-28 UNJF N/A 0.625 Inch N/A 0.172 Inch N/A 1.140 Inch N/A 3.580 Inch N/A PS10035-03
RFOPB5004HDB N/A RFOPB5004HDB5 N/A RFOPB5004HDB4 N/A K81102TN N/A 0.3125-24 UNJF N/A 0.750 Inch N/A 0.218 Inch N/A 1.410 Inch N/A 3.860 Inch N/A PS10035-04
RFOPB5005HDB N/A RFOPB5005HDB5 N/A RFOPB5005HDB4 N/A K81103TN N/A 0.3750-24 UNJF N/A 0.750 Inch N/A 0.250 Inch N/A 1.530 Inch N/A 4.000 Inch N/A PS10035-05
RFOPB5006HDB N/A RFOPB5006HDB5 N/A RFOPB5006HDB4 N/A K81104TN N/A 0.4375-20 UNJF N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 0.312 Inch N/A 1.850 Inch N/A 4.710 Inch N/A PS10035-06
RFOPB5008HDB N/A RFOPB5008HDB5 N/A RFOPB5008HDB4 N/A K81105TN N/A 0.5625-18 UNJF N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 0.375 Inch N/A 2.040 Inch N/A 4.960 Inch N/A PS10035-08
RFOPB5010HDB N/A RFOPB5010HDB5 N/A RFOPB5010HDB4 N/A K81206TN N/A 0.6875-24 UNJEF N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 0.500 Inch N/A 2.320 Inch N/A 4.540 Inch N/A PS10035-10
RFOPB5012HDB N/A RFOPB5012HDB5 N/A RFOPB5012HDB4 N/A K81206TN N/A 0.8125-20 UNJEF N/A 1.125 Inch N/A 0.625 Inch N/A 2.320 Inch N/A 4.730 Inch N/A PS10035-12
RFOPB5014HDB N/A RFOPB5014HDB5 N/A RFOPB5014HDB4 N/A K81208TN N/A 0.9375-20 UNJEF N/A 1.250 Inch N/A 0.750 Inch N/A 3.010 Inch N/A 5.510 Inch N/A PS10035-14
RFOPB5016HDB N/A RFOPB5016HDB5 N/A RFOPB5016HDB4 N/A K81208TN N/A 1.125-18 UNJEF N/A 1.500 Inch N/A 0.875 Inch N/A 3.010 Inch N/A 5.760 Inch N/A PS10035-16
RFOPB5020HDB N/A RFOPB5020HDB5 N/A RFOPB5020HDB4 N/A K81208TN N/A 1.3125-18 UNJEF N/A 1.625 Inch N/A 1.062 Inch N/A 3.010 Inch N/A 5.940 Inch N/A PS10035-20
RFOPB5024HDB N/A RFOPB5024HDB5 N/A RFOPB5024HDB4 N/A K89407TN N/A 1.6250-18 UNJEF N/A 1.750 Inch N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 3.440 Inch N/A 6.110 Inch N/A PS10035-24
RFOPB5032HDB N/A RFOPB5032HDB5 N/A RFOPB5032HDB4 N/A K89408TN N/A 2.1250-16 UNJ N/A 2.000 Inch N/A 1.125 Inch N/A 3.880 Inch N/A 6.610 Inch N/A PS10035-32
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