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Unit of Measure

Insert Type

N/A Standard


N/A RJ900

Material Type

N/A 6AI-4V Titanium

Material Specification

N/A MIL-T-9047, COND A

Heat Treat

N/A 130 KSI UTS min


N/A None

Lockring Rosan Part Number


Lockring Military Part Number

N/A MS51990-102P

Internal Thread Lock

N/A No
A - Internal Thread, Class 3B1 N/A 0.1120-40 UNJC

B - External Thread

N/A 0.1900-32

B - External Thread - Pitch Diameter

N/A 0.1699-0.1714 in

B - External Thread - Minor Diameter

N/A 0.1475-0.1534 in

C ±.015

N/A 0.250 in

D ±.015

N/A 0.150 in


  • The external thread has a special pitch diameter and minor diameter which installs into a MIL-S-8879 Class 3B, MIL-S-7742 Class 3B, or National Class 3 tapped hole.
  • Insert lengths shown are based on installation in 2024-T4 Aluminum and in such materials will accommodate tension loads up to the strength of a mating bolt heat treated to 145,000 PSI UTS. If this design criteria is required in parent materials of lower mechanical properties, longer insert lengths should be specified. Mating bolts have a thread engagement of 1.5 diameters or if insert has a thread lock, the bolt should extend through the insert 2 pitches including chamfer.
  • Mating lockring is not included with insert. It must be ordered separately.

  • 1 MIL-S-8879 Internal Thread