• 40DELRONINSlow

    Delron® inserts are used primarily to provide a hard mounting point in sandwich structure panels. Structural type inserts offer maximum shear and column strength by gripping and supporting the face sheets from within the core area of the sandwich panel. Potted in inserts are mounted through a single hole in the panel and resist shear and tension through a knurled flange on the body where potting compound flows.

  • keenserts

    Keenserts inserts and studs are designed to provide high resistance to torque-out and pull-out loads. Pre-assembled keys are driven down through the threads of the parent material to mechanically lock the fasteners into place.


    The inserts are available with freerunning threads or with various types of locking devices including deformed threads, Vespel™ insert, and beam lock.


    The studs provide a nut-end thread designed to transfer high axial loads into soft base materials. The stud or keyed end is installed into the parent material, thus eliminating the need for removing or replacing a bolt.

  • Ring Locked Inserts

    Ring Locked Inserts and Studs have superior torsional resistance in both hard and soft parent materials. Inserts are available with locking and non-locking threads.

  • Slimsert

    Slimsert inserts have a thin cross section, which is ideal for installation into applications requiring minimum boss configurations. This allows for reduced casting weight while adding strength. The upper end of the insert is swaged into the counterbore wall of the parent material and locks it into place.