ACCU-LOK® II blind fastener for interference fit application in metallic structure low profile protruding head A-286 stainless (95 KSI Fau CRES).
Unit of Measure

Dash Number (Grip)

N/A 700

Grip Range - Min. Grip

N/A 0.650 in

Grip Range - Max. Grip

N/A 0.700 in

Grip Range

N/A 0.650-0.700 in

A Dia

N/A 0.359 in

D Dia

N/A 0.167 in

E Dia Max

N/A 0.164 in

F Wrench Flats

N/A 0.085 in

G Ref.

N/A 0.017 in


N/A 0.060 in

L Ref.

N/A 0.512 in

R Rad Max

N/A 0.030 in

T Across Hex. Ref.

N/A 0.375 in

Z Max

N/A 0.030 in

Minimum available grip length

N/A -100

Recommended Hole Size

N/A 0.165-0.166

J Dia Min

N/A 0.250 in

K Max

N/A 0.300 in

Break off Limits <5>

N/A 0.000-0.103

Tensile Structural Failure (Min) <7>

N/A 1 lb

Double Shear Min

N/A 4 lb

Locking Torque Min

N/A 1.000 lb-in0.113 N-m

Material and Heat Treat

N/A Nut: A-286 per chemical requirements of AMS 5732. Heat treated as required for performance.
Corebolt: Inconel 718 per AMS 5662, heat treated to 125 ksi Fsu.
Sleeve: 304 stainless steel per AMS 5639, heat treated as required for performance.
Insert: Acetal per ASTM D4181
DryvcapTM: Mild steel.


N/A Nut, Sleeve & Corebolt: Passivate per AMS-QQ-P-35. KAL-GARD ANN-RO #1013 conversion coating optional.
Insert: None
DryvcapTM: Corrosion resistant coating color black.


N/A The following lubricants may be applied to any or all components in any combination as required for performance unless otherwise specified: Dry film lube per AS5272, Type I, everlube #812, paraffin wax, or cetyl alcohol per MIL-L-87132.

Applicable Specification

N/A Procurement specification: FCBF200
Special lube and finish: FCBF202

Material Type


Rated Shear Strength

N/A 90 KSI


N/A Protruding


N/A 2. Locking feature consists of three (3) indentations located 120° apart on the periphery of the nut component and approximately .040° above intersection of the nut nose angle and O.D.
<3> Alternate head marking: "VS" and "O".
4. Composite blind fasteners with selected combinations of the above lubrications and finishes are specially coded and may be substituted for equivalent non-coded parts at manufacture´s option. Contact Fairchild Engineering.
<5> An "L" in place of the dash (-) between the diameter dash number and the grip dash number designates modified break-off limits of +.003/-.100. "EX: FCBF2130( )-6LL200."
<6> Distortion shall not prevent insertion of the fastener into a ring gauge of length equal to one diameter and hole diameter equal to minimum recommended hole. Insertion force shall not exceed 5.0 lbs.
<7> Proposed minimum tensile structural failure values.
8. These parts are intended for applications requiring up to a .002" diameter interference fit between fastener shank and structure hole.