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    The MS Blind Bolt is designed for both metallic and composite structures. It is a high-strength, vibration resistant, cost-effective fastener designed to meet the most challenging blind applications. This family of blind bolts has been used successfully in many critical areas such as engine inlets and leading edge applications.

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    Ti-Matic® blind bolt fasteners provide a high strength-to-weight ratio and a large bulb footprint.  These features make it a great choice for composite applications where weight savings is critical.  

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    The Ergo-Tech® blind fastening system is designed for both metallic and composite structures. It is available in shear and tension head configurations. Its corebolt breaks flush with the top of the sleeve in all grip conditions. The one-piece sleeve configuration and no threads in bearing result in high structural integrity and high-retained clamp-up. Lightweight ergonomic tools are available to install the system. The Ergo-Tech blind fastening system is also ideal for robotic installation.

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    The Accu-Lok® Blind Bolt provides high preload and a large footprint, making it ideally suited for high-performance applications in composite material.