• Floating Keensert

    Floating Keenserts® are designed to compensate for radial misalignment from 0.015" (for 2-56) up to 0.040" (for #10 and larger sizes).  The Keensert® is supplied as a one-piece unit.  Ideal for use where mating panel holes may be off-center. 

    KNK, KNKD Series

  • Keenserts - Blind End LtWt

    Blind end inserts are used in applications where it is important to keep a screw isolated from certain assemblies, such as electronic circuitry.  They assure that dust, chips, and other foreign objects will not contaminate an assembly.

    KNCB Series

  • Keenserts - Blind End LtWt
  • Keenserts - Blind End LtWt

    KNHB Series

  • Keenserts - High Strength Aluminum

    High-Strength Aluminum Inserts, designed for miniaturized space and electronic systems, may be used in most any material, including aluminum and magnesium.  A significant reduction in weight can be realized with these non-magnetic inserts.  They may be installed in materials as thin as 1/8" (1/16" if end may protrude).

    KNCE Series

  • Keenserts - Cast-In



    Cast-In Inserts are designed for casting into place during die casting, centrifugal, investment, and permanent mold processes and many plastic molding operations.  Their high strength resists high pressures generated during these processes.

    BX Series

  • Keenserts - Solid



    Solid Inserts are ideal for relocating holes that have been drilled or tapped in the wrong location, to fill holes that are too large, or to salvage expensive castings.

    KNJ Series

  • Keenserts - KNYD

    Hydraulic Inserts are for use in hydraulic or fuel systems.  They offer strong, permanent threads and wear-resistant sealing surfaces in soft metal castings or accessories.  They permit repeated installation and removal of port fittings without damage to expensive castings and ports.  KNYDJ hydraulic inserts provide port configurations conforming to AS5202 (formally AS10050 and MS33649).