Broach Tool - Poco Graphite Electrical Discharge Machining, PS10035 Port Serrations

NOTES: Unless Otherwise Specified
  • MATERIAL: UNION POCO GRADE EDM-3 GRAPHITE, with option of alloy steel shank.
  • This tool is designed to provide approximately 10 times the life of tools made from brass (RFOPB5000ED Series).
  • When using this tool, the machine should be set to produce a burn which is .009 to .011 larger on the diameter than “A”. This will allow the lockring to fit into the serration produced with about .004 to .005 clearance. The applicable lockring may be used to gage the port serration
CAUTION: Care must be taken when machining to provide the following requirements: A maximum runout of .009 must be maintained between serration major dia and controlled minor dia (specified in Rosan®PS10035 port specification) after machining.
Unit of Measure

A (+.002/-.004)

N/A 0.814 Inch

Number of Teeth

N/A 40

B ± .002

N/A 0.500 Inch

C ± .010

N/A 0.156 Inch

To Produce
Serrations for
Port Number

N/A PS10035-08