• Camloc-1_4-Turn-Fasteners--2600_2700-Series

    A wide choice of general purpose studs and receptacles are available with this series. Certain 2600 and 2700 series 1/4-turn fasteners are qualified to MIL-F-5591* specifications. Also included are receptacles for fast installation, or for ultrasonic installation. Integral stud cup protects top panel surface from abrasion.

  • Camloc Stud

    1/4 Turn fasteners offer secure locking and quick unlocking with a simple 90 degree rotation of the stud, allowing for convenient and reliable servicing within high-reuse enviroments. These fasteners provide excellent resistance to loosening from vibration and unlike threaded fasteners, 1/4 Turn fasteners do not rely on the elasticity of the joint and fastener materials for preload.

  • LiveLock™ Fasteners

    High strength, quick operation, and encapsulated receptacle and exceptionally high cycle life make LiveLock™ structural panel fasteners the optimal choice for high performance aircraft and electronic applications. The spring loaded ratchet design ensures positive locking action and vibration resistance without relying on prevailing torque. Additionally, the LiveLock™ panel fastener's multiple lead thread permits rapid installation and removal.

  • Crimp Ring Captive Screw

    Crimp ring captive screws provide a cost-effective means of securing screws to panels, simplifying the removal and installation of panels in service.  A wide range of headstyles, recesses, and materials are available.