• NAS_1900__single

    The Unimatic® blind rivet system is a general purpose blind rivet for aerospace applications. The bulbed blind head, mecahanically-locked spindle and unique hole-filling features provide higher reliability and strength than comparable blind rivets. This system meets or exceeds all of the rigorous design and performance requirements detailed in NAS1900, NAS1919 and NAS1921 speciciations. The simplified single action installation of these blind rivets permits the use of lightweight, reliable installation tools. The all-aluminum version of this system provides extremely lightweight high performance, while the Monel® and stainless steel versions of this system provide high strength performance even at elevated temperatures, as well as superb corrosion resistance.

  • HuckMax Blind Rivets

    The HuckMax® blind rivet system is a general purpose blind fastening system that combines important features of structural integrity and installation convenience. The system meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of industry specifications NAS1686 and NAS1687. In addition to high performance, the design of the HuckMax® blind rivet system is such that only one tool is needed to install any diameter. This reduces the cost of assembly, and makes this fastener ideal for repair and modification use as well as new designs. A variety of mateials and headstyles make this blind rivet suitable for almost every application.