• XPL Pin

    The XPL lockbolt is the latest addition to the Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings lockbolt family  With a grip range that is more than twice that of other systems, each part number can be used in more than twice the applications.  This means fewer part numbers to inventory.  The wide selection of materials and diameters make the XPL® lockbolt the most versatile lockbolt system ever.

  • LGP_single

    Lockbolts are available in a number of materials and configurations designed to meet the most demanding application requirements. The collar, swaged into the lock grooves of the pin, forms a high-strength, vibration resistant joint. LGP® lockbolt family improved on the NAS lockbolt family by optimizing the lock groove design. This optimization makes the LGP® lockbolt system significantly lighter than comparable threaded fastening systems.